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Game Designing Training course 3ds Max and Unity 3D Course Outline 40 hours.


3ds Max logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNGCase Study: Unity - The Scottish Games Network

3DS Max.


1. Introduction
2. Basic interface and layout study
3. Basic and extended primitives
4. Basic layout setting for Architects

1. Edit Poly Modeling
2. Extrude
3. Chamfer
4. Cut and Slices
5. Symmetry Mirror Modeling
6. Designing a table and chair
7. Designing a full 3D house using box
8. Lines and Shapes
9. Importing a plan from AutoCAD/Vectorworks
10. Making an interior space
11. Doors and Windows
12. AEC extended
13. Railing and Trees
14. Stairs 

1. Compound objects
a. Connect
b. Scatter
c. Pro Boolean
d. Loft
e. Terrain
2. Bend
3. Taper
4. Twist
5. Stretch
6. Skew
7. FFD
8. Wave and Ripple
9. Lattice
9. Lathe

Advanced modeling
Start to Finish Project

Basic Lights
1. Omni Light
2. Spot Light
3. Direct Light
4. Light effects
5. Advanced Lighting

1. Free Camera
2. Target camera
3. Camera Animation / Path Animation

Texturing and Rendering
1. Diffuse and Bump Mapping
2. Environment and Background images
3. Rendering images
4. Vray Advance rendering and lighting

3DS Max Character Animation.


1. What is animation?
2. Storyboarding
3. Character Modeling for animation

1. Character Rig overview
2. Character Rigging

Principles of Animation
1. Squash & Stretch
2. Anticipation
3. Arcs
4. Drag
5. Turning of the head
6. Animating a simple character

Animating the Character
1. Poses
2. Keyframing the initial poses
3. Creating a walk cycle
4. Animating the runs
5. Value of weight in animation

Facial Animation
1. Eye blinking and motion
2. Head animation
3. Facial Expressions
End task: How to analyze characters Bi-ped and quad-ped in real life and replicate their motion in 3dsMax.

Unity 3D.

Introduction to Unity
1. Introduction to gaming and game development process
2. Unity Basics
3. Interface
4. Inspector
5. Project and Hierarchy

Starting making a game
1. Working With Projects
2. Creating Projects
3. Importing Geometry
4. Importing Textures
5. Using terrain generator to make the terrain
6. Creating basic primitives in unity

1. Working with materials 1
2. Working with materials 2
3. Finishing materials on all objects

1. Creating lights
2. Adjusting Lights
3. Creating Sunlight

1. Animating objects
2. Animating lights
3. Adjusting Animations

1. Adding Sound
2. Interacting sound
3. Modifying sound

Programming Tools
1. JavaScript
2. Editor for JavaScript
3. Variables and functions
4. Simple programming

1. Test the game
2. Fixing bugs
2. Changes in games

Building the game
1. Game authoring Settings
2. Building game for windows
3. Playing the game

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