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Vray for Architects and Interior Designers-3ds max or Sketchup-Training Course

Vray for Architects and Interior Designers-3ds max or Sketchup-Training Course

10 hours
1-2-1 Training

Student / Self-fund £360

Company £400 inc VAT

Are you an architect or interior designer looking to enhance your rendering skills with Vray?

Join our comprehensive Vray for Architects and Interior Designers Training Course, designed for both 3ds Max and SketchUp users.

Under the guidance of certified tutors and industry experts, you'll learn advanced techniques for creating realistic visualizations.

Benefits of this course:

  • Develop proficiency in Vray rendering for architectural and interior design projects.
  • Learn industry-standard practices and workflows to achieve high-quality results.
  • Choose between in-person or live online training options based on your convenience.
  • Gain access to recorded lessons for convenient review and reinforcement.
  • Enjoy lifetime email support, ensuring you receive guidance even after the course.
  • Receive free career advice to help you make informed decisions about your professional growth.

Completing our Vray for Architects and Interior Designers Training Course opens up a range of job opportunities in the architecture and design industry. Students who acquire advanced rendering skills with Vray can pursue roles such as:

  1. Architectural Visualizer
  2. Interior Designer
  3. 3D Artist
  4. Rendering Specialist
  5. Visualization Specialist
  6. CGI Artist
  7. Architectural Renderer
  8. Game Environment Artist
  9. Virtual Reality (VR) Developer
  10. Freelance Rendering Professional

These skills are highly sought after by architectural firms, interior design studios, advertising agencies, game development companies, and visualization studios. With our industry-focused training and free career advice, you'll be well-prepared to embark on a successful career in the field of architectural visualization.

Whether you work with 3ds Max or SketchUp, this training course will empower you to create visually stunning and immersive designs. Enroll now and take your architectural and interior rendering skills to new heights.

The VRay for Architects and Interior Designers Training Course provides many benefits for architects and interior designers who want to enhance their skills and knowledge of this popular 3D rendering software. Some of the advantages of taking this course include:

  1. Learn from industry experts: The course is taught by industry professionals with years of experience using VRay in real-world projects. This means you’ll get insights and tips that you won’t find in a manual or online tutorial.
  2. Master a powerful rendering tool: VRay is one of the most widely used rendering software in the architecture and interior design industry. This course will teach you how to master it, enabling you to create high-quality, photo-realistic renderings that impress clients.
  3. Save time and increase productivity: With VRay, you can create stunning 3D renderings in a fraction of the time it would take using other rendering software. This means you can focus on creating great designs and delivering projects faster.
  4. Gain a competitive advantage: As more architects and interior designers adopt VRay, it becomes increasingly important to have this skillset in your toolkit. By taking this course, you’ll gain a competitive advantage and be better equipped to win projects and deliver high-quality work.
  5. Expand your career opportunities: Knowledge of VRay can open up new career opportunities in the architecture and interior design industry, including working for firms that specialize in VRay rendering or starting your own rendering business.

Training Duration: 10 hours.
Time and day can be chosen by students if we have available slots. Our Business hours are from 09:00 am to 8:00 pm (Monday to Saturday).

Company: £330 (Plus a 20% VAT) = £ 396.
Price for Students, self-financed and Live Online: £330.

(You Can Choose Between Sketchup or 3dsmax).

Course Length: 10 hours

Course Overview:

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Vray and its various features. You will learn how to create high-quality renders using Vray, from basic lighting and texturing to advanced techniques such as global illumination and image-based lighting. The course is suitable for beginners and those with some experience in 3D rendering.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Introduction to Vray

  • Understanding the Vray interface
  • Setting up the workspace
  • Basic Vray settings
  • Introduction to Vray materials

Part 2: Lighting Techniques

  • Types of lighting sources
  • Understanding light properties
  • Creating a basic lighting setup
  • Using Vray lights for interior and exterior scenes
  • Advanced lighting techniques

Part 3: Vray Materials

  • Understanding material properties
  • Creating and modifying Vray materials
  • Working with diffuse, reflection, and refraction materials
  • Using Vray displacement maps
  • Creating procedural materials

Part 4: Image-based Lighting

  • Understanding image-based lighting
  • Using HDRI maps
  • Using Vray's dome light for interior and exterior scenes
  • Using Vray's sun and sky system

Part 5: Global Illumination

  • Understanding the concept of global illumination
  • Vray's ambient occlusion and indirect illumination
  • Using Vray's Irradiance map and Light Cache
  • Fine-tuning global illumination settings

Part 6: Camera Settings and Techniques

  • Understanding camera properties
  • Vray's physical camera and its settings
  • Creating a depth of field effect
  • Creating an atmospheric effect
  • Using Vray's camera effects

Part 7: Vray Render Settings and Workflow

  • Vray's image sampling settings
  • Vray's color mapping settings
  • Vray's render elements
  • Optimizing rendering time
  • Vray's render passes and its uses

Part 8: Advanced Techniques

  • Creating a realistic material workflow
  • Working with Vray proxies
  • Using Vray's fur and grass system
  • Creating volumetric effects
  • Working with Vray's displacement modifiers

Part 9: Projects

  • Putting everything together
  • Creating a simple interior scene
  • Creating a simple exterior scene
  • Creating a complex scene with multiple objects and materials

Course Requirements:

  • A computer with Vray and a 3D modeling software (e.g., 3ds Max, Rhino, Sketchup and Maya) installed
  • Basic knowledge of computer operations
  • Interest in 3D rendering

Course Goals:

By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of Vray and its various features, and be able to create high-quality renders that are realistic and visually appealing. You will have the skills needed to continue learning and improving your 3D rendering skills.

Expert Trainers

We’re proud of our team at Real Animation works ltd. They’re all

finest on the qualities of their expert backgrounds, and discrete skills and

experience. Most prominently, everybody here stocks the same philosophy and

commitment to making your dream a reality.


Lead Trainer and Director.

Msc Computers with Specialization in Renderings and Digital

image processing.

MA Digital moving image Specialization in Interior architecture visualization. 

London Metropolitan University 

Experience: 25

years of experience in teaching and 3d visualization.

Teaching Experience:

Revit, AutoCAD, 3ds max, Vray, Photoshop, Maya, Sketchup, Unreal

Engine, Adobe After effects, and Podium for Sketchup. 


Bsc Computers with Specialization in Renderings and Digital

image processing.

Autodesk certified professional.

Experience: 20

years of experience in teaching and 3d visualization and Game design.

Teaching Experience:

Revit, AutoCAD, 3ds max, Vray, Photoshop, Unity 3d, Unreal

Engine, Adobe After effects, and Illustrator, AR/VR.


BA Interior design.

MA Interior architecture. 

University of the arts London (UAL)

Teaching Experience:

Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Vray, Photoshop, Sketchup, InDesign,

Illustrator, and Podium for Sketchup. 


Diploma in Interior design and architecture visualization. Real

Animation works ltd

BTEC in Aerospace Engineering



Autocad, 3ds max, Vray, Photoshop, Sketchup, InDesign,

Solidworks, and Podium for Sketchup. 


BA Architecture arb/RIBA Part 1. Kingston University London

Teaching Experience:

AutoCAD, Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Sketchup, InDesign, and Podium

for Sketchup.

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Training Method: One to One........Days: We are open to booking this 1-2-1 course anytime from Monday to Saturday 9 am to 7 pm.........Face to Face in-person at our location or Live Online using Zoom or Teams (Your Choice).

Enrolled: 3 students
Duration: 10 hours
Level: Intermediate
Type: 1-2-1 Training

Working hours

Monday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
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