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AutoCAD 3D Basics to Advanced Level Training Course

AutoCAD 3D Basics to Advanced Level Training Course

16 hours
1-2-1 Training

Student / Self-fund £580

Company £800 inc VAT

Course Description: AutoCAD 3D Basics to Advanced Level Training Course

The AutoCAD 3D Basics to Advanced Level Training Course is a comprehensive program designed for individuals who want to master the intricacies of 3D modeling and design using AutoCAD. Whether you are an architect, engineer, or designer, this course provides a progressive learning experience to help you unlock the full potential of AutoCAD's 3D capabilities.

Throughout the course, participants will be guided through the fundamental principles of 3D modeling in AutoCAD. They will learn how to create and manipulate 3D objects, apply materials and textures, set up lighting and cameras, and generate realistic renderings. The course then progresses to more advanced topics such as working with complex surfaces, creating parametric models, and implementing advanced rendering techniques.

By enrolling in the AutoCAD 3D Basics to Advanced Level Training Course, participants will gain the skills necessary to confidently navigate and excel in the world of 3D modeling using AutoCAD. Whether attending in-person or joining the live online sessions, participants will benefit from interactive learning experiences facilitated by experienced instructors.

As part of the course package, all participants will have access to lesson recordings, allowing them to review the course material at their convenience. Additionally, lifetime email support ensures ongoing assistance and guidance, even after completing the course.

Benefits of Taking the Course:

  1. Comprehensive 3D Modeling Skills: Acquire a solid foundation in 3D modeling using AutoCAD. Learn to create, edit, and manipulate 3D objects with precision and efficiency.
  2. Advanced Techniques and Workflows: Progress to advanced-level skills, exploring complex surfaces, parametric modeling, and advanced rendering techniques. Elevate your designs to a new level of realism and sophistication.
  3. Real-World Applications: Apply your 3D modeling skills to real-world design projects. Create architectural visualizations, product prototypes, or mechanical components with accuracy and detail.
  4. Enhanced Design Visualization: Develop the ability to visualize and communicate your designs effectively in 3D. Present your ideas with clarity and impact, providing clients and stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of your vision.
  5. Recorded Lessons for Review: Access to lesson recordings allows you to revisit the course material and reinforce your learning. Review specific techniques or revisit challenging concepts at your own pace.
  6. Lifetime Email Support: Benefit from ongoing support through lifetime email assistance. Seek guidance, receive answers to your questions, and obtain further clarification, even after completing the course.

Enroll in the AutoCAD 3D Basics to Advanced Level Training Course and unlock the full potential of 3D modeling using AutoCAD. Choose between in-person or live online sessions, and take advantage of lesson recordings and lifetime email support. Develop your expertise in AutoCAD's 3D capabilities, expand your design possibilities, and create stunning 3D models and visualizations with confidence.

AutoCAD 3D Basics to Advanced Level Training Course.
Master AutoCAD 3D Design – Basics to Advanced Level Training Course for Beginners to Advanced Users. Learn Advanced 3D Modeling, Rendering, and Visualization Techniques. Industry-Recognized Certification upon Completion.

When Can You Start: Choose your own day and time. Our Business hours are 09:00 am to 8:00 pm (Monday to Sunday).
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AutoCAD Advanced Level Course in London is a One to One training course which is designed for those people who want to understand AutoCAD completely and work fluently with the software to do any cad design-related task. You will learn how a hand drawing or how any design idea can be created in AutoCad using its very simple and easy-to-use tools and interface. AutoCAD is the industry standard and anyone trying to get a job in the interior design or architecture industry should know how to use AutoCAD.

Training Duration: 16 hours (Split the training over 2 or more days to get the best out of it).

Company: £465 (Plus a 20% VAT) = £580
Students, self-financed and Live Online: £800

What will you be able to do after this training: After completing this training a student will be able to use AutoCAD to such a level that he can work in the industry comfortably and fulfill the demand of the architectural industry. You will be able to create plans, sections, and elevations and keep them categorized using the layers system and you will also know how to annotate your drawings properly and how to print them on any paper size.

Help after the course:
Lifetime email and phone support. For example, if you got stuck in something so we will reply to all of your problems via email or phone calls.

Autocad 3D Training course outline

3D Modeling and Imaging

Generating 3D Drawings

3D Modeling Workspace

Drawing 3D Using Solid tools

Extruding a Polyline as 3d

Isolating Coordinates with Point Filters

Moving Around Your Model

Getting a Visual Effect

Turning a 3D View into a 2D AutoCAD Drawing


Using Advanced 3D Features

Setting Up AutoCAD for This Chapter

Mastering the User Coordinate System

Understanding the UCS Options

Using Viewports to Aid in 3D Drawing

Using the Array Tools

Creating Complex 3D Surfaces

Creating Spiral Forms

Creating Surface Models

Moving Objects in 3D Space


Rendering 3D Drawings

Testing the Waters

Creating a Quick Study Rendering

Simulating the Sun

Using Materials

Creating Effects Using Materials and Lights

Applying and Adjusting Texture Maps

Understanding the Rendering Options

Adding Cameras for Better View Control

Printing Your Renderings

Simulating Natural Light

Editing and Visualizing 3D Solids

Understanding Solid Modeling

Creating Solid Forms

Creating Complex Solids

Editing Solids

Streamlining the 2D Drawing Process

Visualizing Solids


Exploring 3D Mesh and Surface Modeling

Creating a Simple 3D Mesh

Editing Faces and Edges

Creating Mesh Surfaces

Converting Meshes to Solids

Understanding 3D Surfaces

Editing Surfaces


Customizing Toolbars, Menus, Linetypes, and Hatch Patterns

Using Workspaces

Customizing the User Interface

Creating Macros in Tools and Menus

Pausing for User Input

Opening an Expanded Text Box for the Macro Option

Saving, Loading, and Unloading Your Customizations

Understanding the Diesel Macro Language

Creating Custom Linetypes

Creating Hatch Patterns


Managing and Sharing Your Drawings

Sharing Drawings over the Internet

ePublishing Your Drawings

Managing Your Drawings with DesignCenter and the Tool Palettes

Searching Your Drawing Library With Content Explorer

Establishing Office Standards

Converting Multiple Layer Settings


Bsc Computers with Specialization in Renderings and Digital

image processing.

Autodesk certified professional.

Experience: 20

years of experience in teaching and 3d visualization and Game design.

Teaching Experience:

Revit, Autocad, 3ds max, Vray, Photoshop, Unity 3d, Unreal

Engine, Adobe After effects, and Illustrator, AR/VR.

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Training Method: One to One........Days: We are open to booking this 1-2-1 course anytime from Monday to Saturday 9 am to 7 pm.........Face to Face in-person at our location or Live Online using Zoom or Teams (Your Choice).

Enrolled: 2 students
Duration: 16 hours
Level: Advance
Type: 1-2-1 Training

Working hours

Monday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
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