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Adobe After Effects 2 Days Training Course (Live Online Only)

Adobe After Effects 2 Days Training Course (Live Online Only)

10 hours
Group Training

Student / Self-fund £330

Company £450 inc VAT

Course Description: Adobe After Effects 2 Days Training Course (Live Online Only)

The Adobe After Effects 2 Days Training Course is a comprehensive program designed to help you master the art of motion graphics and visual effects using Adobe After Effects. This course is perfect for beginners and those with some experience who want to enhance their skills and create stunning animations, titles, and visual effects for various media platforms.

Join our course and choose the convenience of live online training. Our expert instructors will guide you through the key features and techniques of Adobe After Effects, allowing you to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life.

Benefits of Taking the Course:

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Over the course of two days, you will delve into the essential features and tools of Adobe After Effects. From understanding the interface and working with layers to creating animations, applying effects, and working with keyframes, you will gain a solid foundation in the software.
  2. Live Online Training: Enjoy the flexibility of learning from anywhere with our live online training sessions. Join the sessions in real time and interact with the instructor and other participants. Our online platform provides an immersive and collaborative learning environment, enabling you to ask questions, receive feedback, and engage in hands-on activities.
  3. Lesson Recordings: We understand the importance of practice and review in the learning process. Therefore, we provide recordings of each training session. These recordings allow you to revisit the lessons at your convenience, reinforce your understanding, and catch up on any missed content.
  4. Lifetime Email Support: We are committed to your success even after the training ends. As a participant, you will have access to lifetime email support. Our experienced instructors will be available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and assist you with any challenges you encounter while working on projects or applying the skills learned in the course.

By enrolling in the Adobe After Effects 2 Days Training Course, you will gain the skills and confidence to create captivating motion graphics and visual effects. Whether you are a video editor, animator, graphic designer, or content creator, this course will enhance your abilities and enable you to deliver professional-quality results.

Choose the convenience of live online training, benefit from our comprehensive curriculum, lesson recordings, and lifetime email support, and take your motion graphics and visual effects to the next level with Adobe After Effects. Enroll now in the Adobe After Effects 2 Days Training Course to unlock your creativity and elevate your digital projects.

Note: Basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud applications and familiarity with video editing concepts will be helpful for maximizing your learning outcomes in this course.

Adobe After Effects 2 Days Training Course (Live Online Only)

Our After Effects course is designed to boost your profession as a motion graphics and animation expert in games, film, TV, and web design. With hands-on practical experience, you will be able to learn the basics of Adobe’s most influential motion graphics and animation software.

Payment procedures.
Payment for Adobe After Effects training can be made by:
Bank transfer using invoices and booking details or call us on 02077202581.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Payment can be made securely online or over the phone. Card payments are processed by Stripe and Take Payments.
We don’t record or store your card details.
If you’re self-funding your training, you can pay in staged payments, interest-free, over 12 months. For further details, see PayPal staged payments.

Cancellations and transfers
You can cancel a booking on a scheduled training course, or transfer to a later course, without penalty providing you give us 10 working days’ notice. Any fees already paid will be refunded.
If you cancel a booking on a scheduled Adobe After Effects course giving less than 10 working days’ notice or request a transfer to a later course, a cancellation/transfer fee is payable. The fee charged depends on the notice period given. For details please check below.

Cancellation period                                        Fees are payable

5 to 9 working days’ notice.                         30% of the course fee is payable.
3 or 4 working days’ notice.                         50% of the course fee is payable.
Less than 3 working days’ notice.              The full course fee is payable.

The course price includes:
Free group course re-take within 36 months (3 years).
Expert tutors architects, designers, and certified tutors.
Hands-on, practical lessons customized training and lean using your projects
Recordings of your training can also be provided for future reference and PDF notes.
Certificate of completion for your resume and jobs.
Free career guidance that is checking portfolio, checking cv, and mock interviews.



Adobe After Effects. 


Overview of After Effects

Interface overview

Creating Projects

Importing Assets


Creating Compositions

Editing Compositions



Moving object




Timeline Basics


Animation fundamentals

Animation preview

Animating Move, Rotate, and Scale

Text animation

Effects and Rendering

Applying effects to your composition

Color Correction

Rendering the video

Adobe After Effects - Free Trial

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BSc Computers with Specialization in Renderings and Digital image processing.

Autodesk Certified Professional.

Experience: 20 years of experience in teaching and 3d visualization and Game design.

Teaching Experience:

Revit, Autocad, Adobe After Effects, Vray, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Unreal Engine, Adobe After effects, and Illustrator, AR/VR.

To make your Adobe After Effects training as reasonable as promising, Real Animation works offer a range of training discounts/offers on our Adobe After Effects training courses and a price guarantee that you won’t get Adobe After Effects training for less in the market.

Training Courses discounts

Multiple delegates.

If you book multiple delegates on any courses, we can offer you amazing discounts.

15% discount if you book two places.

20% discount if you book three or four places.

40% discount if you book five or more places.

This can be for several delegates attending 1 course or 1 delegate attending several courses, or a combination of both. These discounts are available for both classroom-based in person training courses and live online training courses.

Real Animation works on all our courses we offer a 10% discount on scheduled course places to people who work for a registered charity.

Evidence of your position that allows you to a discount may be demanded.

Price guarantee

When you book training with Real Animation works, we want you not to pay over the rates. So, if you book a date/delegate on any planned course and then find the same course at a lower price elsewhere, we will match that price and this is like for like.

To qualify for the price match:

The course you find must be similar.

Cover the same course outline and topics.

Same duration or longer.

The other course institute must be within 30 miles of our institute.

For online training course must be live online course that is instructor-led and not pre-prepared e-learning course.

The lower rate must be published on the other company’s website but not on a marketplace.

You can call us tell us where you found the lower price course and our experts will deal with your queries.


Here please check the availability dates

7/08/2023 - 8/08/2023 at 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Total 10 hrs

4/09/2023 - 9/09/2023 at 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Total 10 hrs

2/10/2023 - 3/10/2023 at 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Total 10 hrs

6/11/2023 - 7/11/2023 at 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Total 10 hrs

4/12/2023 - 5/12/2023 at 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Total 10 hrs

Enrolled: 2 students
Duration: 10 hours
Level: Basic
Type: Group Training

Working hours

Monday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
Friday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 7.00 pm
Sunday Closed

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