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3ds Max 2022.2 Update Release Notes

This page lists what's fixed in this update and any known issues in this release for 3ds Max. For information on new features, see What's New in 3ds Max 2022.2 Update.

Downloading and installing
You can download and install 3ds Max release updates automatically with the Autodesk Desktop App, or from your Autodesk Account.

3ds Max updates are cumulative and can be applied to 3ds Max whether it is installed as a standalone application or as part of a Collection.

After you install an update, the product build in the About box (Help > About) will display the updated version and build number of the latest update you installed.

What's Fixed
Fixed issue where the user could not add Tracks to Track Sets. MAXX-60667
Fixed corruption of Animation Layers when an object having an animation layer is deleted from the scene. MAXX-62692
TCB Rotation Controller default WindUp setting now honors setting in Preferences. MAXX-55303

Fixed issue with enabling 'Pick Material from Object' in Material Editor, starting a new action such as Animation Playback, exiting Material Editor. and then exiting that new action. MAXX-42165
Fixed handling of parameters in ParamBlock2 that were previously flagged as containing external file assets, but now are not flagged as such. MAXX-57392
Fixed an issue that caused log entries to be missing from Max.log and from the session log file when more than one instance of 3ds Max was running at the same. MAXX-63493
When merging XRef objects in the scene, custom attributes are now properly cloned on merged objects. MAXX-59971
Fixed SME node parameters not being exposed in Trackview. MAXX-63076

SaveNodes now returns a boolean value as documented. MAXX-64000
Fixed issue in MAXScript Debugger where if a temporary hang occurred while printing out the MAXScript stack variables, a crash would occur. MAXX-63453
Fixed issues related to cloning of script editor tabs in MAXScript editor. MAXX-53004
Fixed a bug that caused 3ds Max to not start when a menu item or tooltip with certain characters was added to its UI. MAXX-60901
Add argument count checks to the setVertSelection, setEdgeSelection, and setFaceSelection MAXScript functions so that users see appropriate errors when they call those functions without the correct number of arguments. MAXX-62208
Fixed a bug that caused 3ds Max to crash when a scripted plugin declared a parameter block with the type:#class option before any other parameter blocks. MAXX-61180
Fixed a bug that caused certain functions of the ATSOps MAXScript interface to only work after the ATS window had been opened. MAXX-61426
Fixed an issue that caused the getINISetting MAXScript function to change the encoding of the files it read to UTF-16 LE with BOM. Now the original encoding of files is always preserved when they are read using getINISetting. MAXX-62470

Material Editors
Fixed missing indication in the material preview when it's applied to a selected object or selection of objects. MAXX-64116
Create Physical Mtl when new materials are added in the Multi-Materials MAXX-49844

Improved Smart Extrude stability when quickly moving the results back and forth before committing to a final position. MAXX-64121
The Symmetry modifier’s welding algorithms have been updated to provide even more predictable results by finding matching pair vertices on the mirrored surface. The tolerance threshold now enables welding to solve across open gaps along the symmetry line. These enhancements will make symmetry operations faster and more accurate than before, even on open surface models. MAXX-63866

Resolved an issue with the Symmetry modifier where it would merge vertices there were in close proximity to one another together before stitching the mirror results together. MAXX-64434
Improved stability of the OpenSubDiv Modifier when it is applied to an object where no map channels are defined. MAXX-64433
Improved stability when using Save to Previous to save your scene data to an older 3ds Max file format. This issue would occur when you are saving an Edit Poly Modifiers Smart Extrude actions that are not supported in that previous version of 3ds Max. MAXX-63896

A Helix Spline Object with a "Renderable" option will display properly once again in the Viewport when a Smooth Modifier is applied above the spline object on the Modifier Stack. MAXX-64187
When performing a Smart Extrude operation, the Smart Extrude code has been enhanced to produce more accurate results that might occur from numerical precision on overlapping faces. MAXX-63713

Brush pressure from pen tablet input devices is now properly captured by 3ds Max and can be utilized once again in various tools/functions within the application that supports this functionality.

3ds Max will now also support the full range of pressure sensitivity that is offered by the pen tablet device by checking with the Wintab32.dll on your local Windows system.

For best results, turn off Windows Ink when using 3ds Max. MAXX-59353
Resolved an issue where users were not able to save Presets for various tools in 3ds Max (i.e. Fluids Solver, Fluids Meshing, Chamfer, TextPlus Bevel Profile/Bevel Profile modifier) that they could then later load and apply. MAXX-63717
Symmetry now performs a check for non-manifold edges and vertices. It will attempt to clean incorrect mesh data when these errors are found. This will help resolve issues with vertices being accidently welded to other vertices on other elements after using Symmetry. MAXX-63386
Resolved a crash issue that occurs when the user is attempting to lock a modifier variable in the Curve Editor on an object that is a part of a Container. MAXX-63568
Resolve a stability issue when attempting to copy the Edit Normals modifier MAXX-57431
Resolved a threading issue where it was possible for the mesh data of object primitives to not match with what was displayed in the viewport (such as missing edge loops). MAXX-62782

Manipulation of UVs in the Edit UV window has been made more performant. This will greatly assist artists that are crafting unique UV layouts. MAXX-55812

It is now possible to execute pyc files in 3ds Max. MAXX-59646
Some PySide2 (for example PySide2.QWebSocket) modules could not be imported because the underlying Qt dlls needed by these python wrappers were not provided with 3ds Max. The Qt dlls needed by thy PySide2 modules are now packaged with 3ds Max. MAXX-63710
Fixed the issue of 3ds Max failing to start if Unicode characters were present in the Python home path. MAXX-63475
The python interpreter embedded in 3dsMax no longer uses PYTHON env vars (in a manner similar to the -E switch in command line python). MAXX-62248

RealTime Workflows
Fixed the Bake to Textures ambient occlusion map name not recognized by the PBR importer by default, removed white spaces from map names. MAXX-64546
The Rounded Corners bake map does not use the expected sampling parameters. MAXX-63885
Fixed crash with Edit Poly and OpenSubdiv in GPU mode. MAXX-61371
Improved loading performance when loading scenes with heavy shading trees. MAXX-58971
Fixed Targa file format slight noise in color when rendering or baking, MAXX-24695

Rendering Materials
Viewport background will now correctly display background color if Env/BG switcher without having to manipulate viewport. MAXX-55609
When saving scene file containing OSL textures, the associated .osl file is no longer flagged as an external file asset MAXX-56703
HDRI Lights helper objects can now be deleted and renamed as expected. MAXX-56639

Fixed 3ds Max freeze caused by being able to open multiple camera warning modal dialogs and other "hotkey" functionalities of modal dialogs. MAXX-64150
Some text fields and UI elements cannot be typed into after loading a scene file. MAXX-64047
Some text fields and UI elements cannot be typed into after cloning an object. MAXX-62494

Fixed possible clipping when using Zoom Extents Selected on a vertex MAXX-62276
Fixed: Viewport hangs when attaching a multi/sub material to a cached alembic MAXX-46271
Track View and Scene Explorer will now continue to work as expected after another viewport has been maximized then minimized. MAXX-56643
Custom Background will now remain when clicking the Home button in the viewport. MAXX-57015
Fixed Shape Display Mode for Arnold Procedural/Alembic/USD MAXX-62723