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Megan Jones

Whilst studying Interior Design at University we were given lessons on 3ds Max but I found it hard to work in the large classes that were very demanding of the tutors attention, and I ended up graduating without picking up anything from the 3ds Max lessons.

After struggling to find work I decided to start saving up to go back to Uni to do a Masters Degree to give myself a better chance of getting work. I quickly realised it would take me about three years to save up the money I needed to complete my masters and I was keen to get working in the design industry sooner.

Then I came across the Real Animation Works LTD’s Architectural and Interior/Exterior Design training programme. I completed the course in 6 days and can honestly say I learned more in those six days than I had in three years at University, and all at the fraction of the cost of going back to do a Masters Degree. I returned home from London to Manchester and after 1 week was offered a job at an architects creating 3D visuals.

Thank you Ali, I couldn’t off done it without you.

Megan Jones