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Grace Fotopoulou

In my architectural studies i realised the need and advantage to use 3D programs, not in an amateur way but in a professional manner. This is what brought me to Real Animation works premises. They guided me towards the type of 3d programs i should use, according to my skills and university projects. I did 40 hours of 3d Studio Max, in a course of 3 months and i liked the flexibility i had to choose my hours according to my university's schedule. The office's accessibility was very easy, which was very important for me and the environment was very friendly but at the same time very professional. I would definitely recommend Real Animation works for anyone that wants to learn 2d or 3d programs, or even to individuals that only want to improve their presentation skills in architecture. Thank you very much.

Grace Fotopoulou
Part 1 Architect and
Architectural Restorateur