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Emily Wong

I was looking for a 3dmax course that I could complete within a very tight timeframe. I contacted Real Animation Works and asked if it was possible to complete the program in an intense 3 days. Ali advised that it is never a good idea to rush a learning process and recommended that I do it for 5-6 days instead. This indicated to me that he was very much concerned and dedicated to my learning. For this reason I chose them and had absolutely no regrets.

I found the course structure to be very well organized and more importantly- it was highly relevant. Ali taught me the most effective way of modeling and lighting techniques specific to interior design, with tips to produce highly photo-realistic images. As 3dmax is such a complex program this definitely help cut to the chase and taught me exactly what I needed for the industry.

Ali’s personal style of teaching is very effective as he is very patient, taking time to fully explain concepts in ways that were easy to digest. He was very understanding to my tight timeframe and offered me additional support even outside the scope of the course outline.

In just a short period of time I was amazed by how much I have achieved and the confidence I gained in using 3dmax. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested.

Emily Wong
Interior Designer