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Simon Feathers

I am just about to finish 3rd year and wanted to say a big thank you for all you your help with getting me through and training me.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with you guys and found everyone brilliant. Ali I would love to praise you on creating such a great team at Real Animation works. Everyones kind nature and attitude towards hard work was something I found very inspiring and something I will take with me into everything I do in the future.
I have recently been accepted on a placement in malaysia for 12months both designing and building a structure that will act as a field centre for scientists to come and observe the effects of deforestation. The company is called Arkitrek, I will be designing the building in the city of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah and building deep in the rainforest. With the building being completely off-grid, I sent the images of the building I created with you as a major part of my portfolio and so would like to thank you for you input into getting it completed.
I am sure you'll be seeing me soon when I return to education to study Part 2. But until then, I wish you all my best luck.

Simon Feathers