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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you provide one to one training?

Yes, we do provide one to one training and we can also arrange group sessions if you and your colleagues want to join together in a training session.


2. Do you offer discount to students?

Yes we offer discount to students if they register for advance courses only.


3. How much Discount do you offer?

For all students who choose the advance level course, we offer a £ 200 pounds discount so the total price will not be £ 1200 it will be £ 1000 for 40 hrs of advance training.


4. Do you offer any discount to people coming from outside The UK?

Only Students. Students will have to show a Valid proof such as a valid ID card. Also, only students can pay in installments. 


5. What type of class material is provided?

We appreciate students to write everything instructed by the instructor.


6. Will I get a course completion certificate?

Yes, we will provide you with the certificate of attendance (subject to completion of a project and tutors approval).


7. Do I have to bring in my Laptop?

No, you will use our computer systems to practice, but if you want you can bring your laptop with you.


8. How many hours will I be doing this training for?

4 hrs every week, you can do more as well if you have time. You have to complete a total of 40 hrs in Advance level.


9. What happens if I skip a class?

If you skip a class because of a genuine reason like accident, traffic or train delay and if you inform us about it then we will not cancel your hours.



10. Can I take a month or months off and then come after doing half training?

Yes, you can but you have to provide us in writing or email that for how long you will be away and when will you be coming back. If you do inform us we would be happy to give you a break for a particular period of time.


11. What is your method of payment?

Payments less than 2000 pounds should be in cash or bank transfer. We accept cheques and start the session immediately only if it’s from a company. If you are a student paying your fee through cheque then we will start your sessions only when the cheque is cleared and cashed properly in our bank account. We mainly appreciate students paying in cash or transferring money into our company’s bank account.


12. Can I pay in installments?

Yes, only if you are doing Advance level training. You can pay in 2 installments which will be 1st installment in the beginning and the second after 2 weeks.


13. Do you have a car park?

Yes, we have a nice car park.


14. Where do you teach?

We teach in our office which is in Vauxhall SW London.


15. Do you travel to come and teach us?

Yes, we do travel. But in that case, we charge double the fee.


16. If I have to render some files using the computers of Real Animation Works then will it be charged?

Yes, it will be charged because we would be using our computers and our physical existence is also needed to render the files.


* Please note we do not provide any letter or such documents for visa extension or any other immigration letter. Real animation works ltd is an independent training and animation studio.


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